Research Interests

My goal as an educational researcher is to determine and develop the best uses of technology in the areas of collaboration (teacher-teacher, teacher-student, and student-student), contribute to the definition of best practices for online science education, and to help lift teacher isolation experienced by so many in the profession. More specifically:

  • Determine important factors and design elements required for an effective and sustainable online community of practice for teachers.
  • Develop an overall view of online secondary science education.
  • Use current meta-analysis of past online education research to help design effective protocol for K-12 research, and to use that protocol to investigate and develop best methods for online science education in the secondary arena.

An overarching theme for this research is the implementation of open educational resources (OER) that can be used across platforms. Methods developed from research findings must be able to be scaled up in order to reach as many students and teachers as possible.

Publications – Refereed Journals

Clark, C., Zhang, S., & Strudler, N. (2015). Student learning or instruction: How teacher candidates integrate technology in the classroom. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 33(3), 93-106.


Presented at the GPSA UNLV 2015 Research Forum, Las Vegas


Clark, C., Strudler, N., & Grove, K. (2015). Comparing asynchronous and synchronous video versus text based discussion in an online teacher education course. Online Learning: Official Journal Of The Online Learning Consortium, 19,(3).


Presented at the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) 2015 conference (February), Anaheim

G+ Presentation Poster for ELI

McCreery, M.P., Vallett, D. B., & Clark, C. (2015). Examining socio-spatial interactivity and social presence using behavioral analytics. Computer in Human Behavior, 51, 203-206.

WOW journal article first page

Presented at the Western Psychological Association 2015 Conference (April), Las Vegas


Publications – Conference Proceedings

  • Clark, C. (2013). Science instruction at a distance: What can we see? In T. Bastiaens & G. Marks (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2013 (pp. 1092-1101). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

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